25 at 25

For the complete post about how I decided to do 25 things this year, see my post, “25 things to do at 25.” I will be checking in periodically to update the list or give a progress update.

  1. Run another 5k race. Changing Carolina 5k! 
  2. Run 5 miles, not necessarily connected with a race. Done!
  3. Attend 3 new group fitness classes, at least 3 times each. It takes a little while to get used to classes and instructors. Done!
  4. Acquire a bicycle. Half done! I actually got two bikes this year, but neither of them were the right fit. 
  5. Grow winter squash. This is probably my favorite vegetable ever, and I didn’t even realize it until last year. Done! Our squash last year kind of got demolished by an early frost, but I’ve already had an awesome butternut squash from the garden this year!
  6. Visit a new beach. Very ambitious. Gulf cost! NOLA! Not very beachy, but I was there. 
  7. Visit Jubilee. Done!
  8. Learn how to use my camera. No point in having all these options if I don’t know how to use them. Kind of done! Now I want moarrrr cameraaaas! 
  9. Tackle mindful eating, meditation and yoga. Getting my mind right. [Draw. Sometimes done. Sometimes not done.]
  10. Be a better friend, daughter, granddaughter, girlfriend, stranger. By this I mean, being better about returning calls and emails in a timely manner, being less of a hermit, letting things go, being more considerate and giving people the benefit of the doubt. [Draw. Sometimes done. Sometimes not done.]
  11. Lose 50lbs. I know this sounds very New-Years-Resolution-y, but I’ve already decided to be good at weight loss, so I may as well set goals. Plus, that is less than 1lb/week. [Not completed]
  12. Volunteer my time to help someone else. Done, although I’d like to do more next year. 
  13. Spend a lot of time and energy on my school work. As an undergrad, I often did the minimum amount of work necessary to accomplish my goals. Grad school is too important and too expensive to do that this time.
  14. Read more real books. Not blogs, not trashy novels. If I could read 12 “real” books in between all my fluffy stuff and school, I would be happy. Done
  15. Learn how to cook 12 new things. I’d love to expand my repertoire to include more foods from other cuisines. Done
  16. Finish my afghan I started last year. See, I do have to crochet something. I always enjoy yarn stuff when it is cold and then promptly abandon my projects when it starts to warm up. [Half done. I have crafting ADHD too.]
  17. Commit to blogging. I have some ideas about how this will happen, but I’m still turning them over in my mind. Bought my domain… kept blogging during school, which I mark as a success. 
  18. Walk more places. Yes! Done!
  19. Not get a ticket for driving. I don’t speed anymore, so you would think this isn’t a problem. But no. Seriously, can I please just go one year without screwing up in front of the police? DONE! WHEW!
  20. Do something I’ve never done before. Fearlessly!! Done! I went to the school pool … in a bathing suit! For some reason, this was terrifying to me as an undergrad, but I spent a lot of time at the pool this year. And nobody seemed to care. I don’t know what I was afraid of. 
  21. Make digital copies of all the family pictures I’ve been meaning to for years. We bought a scanner specifically for this, so why haven’t I made a dent? Half done. I realized I hate scanning pictures. 
  22. Love wastefully. (Stolen from Watershed podcast, but I think they got it from the Bible, so I think I am safe. :) ) I don’t write a lot about faith, for a few reasons, not the least of which being I’m not very good at it. But I know I can be better at living out my faith by loving more recklessly. It was easy to love big at Jubilee, but it has been harder to translate that into day-to-day life. I want to though. Done. Although, this can always be bigger and better. 
  23. Put energy into learning Spanish. I’ve been looking at international jobs for post-graduation, and I know I need to learn another language. Plus, knowing Spanish will be helpful even if I work in the U.S. So, who wants to hook me up with Rosetta Stone now? Not done. I actually looked into taking classes, but I couldn’t start until this coming year at school because they didn’t offer beginning classes in the Spring. Also, I’m not sure where I want to work if I get a job internationally, and I was kind of scattered trying to figure out which language would be the most useful. 
  24. Visit somewhere in S.C. that I’ve never been before. Done.
  25. Try to look professional at least sometimes. Accessorize. Stop wearing see-through clothes in public. Done.

17 thoughts on “25 at 25

  1. I just found your blog and I am loving it! You are a great motivation for everyone. I am working on losing weight right now too, I can’t wait to gain control over it. Looks like you have a great list to work on, I want to hear updates on how you are doing. Good luck!

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  3. I LOVE the concept behind this! I actually have a list as well. Just not one with a time restriction. But I think it’s a great idea, and definitely a better way to focus on doing the things you really want to do in life! Sometimes I feel like my list just sits, and there’s not a ton of checking off. So I might have to try your idea and pick a few things for this year, and isn’t it the perfect time?!

  4. Hi, I just found your blog and I love it! Keep up the good work!

    PS: I know Spanish, so if you ever have a Spanish question, or if there is something you want to know about Spanish, please feel free to ask me if you like. Great blog :)

  5. Great blog Lizzie, I’m going to follow you! As a writer with my first book being published soon here in Oz I am always writing about my hopes, dreams, fears and how we can rise above and make things happen! I love that you’re doing this all the time – keep up the good work!!

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  12. I just discovered your site and I love this list! You’ve encouraged me to set a 30 by 30 list! That’s 4 months…it’s on!

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